Emmett Palaima: Tones of a Clown

20 second excerpt of 11 min. 37 sec. performance. Emmett Palaima, Tones of a Clown (2021). Performance for video. Digital. Color. Sound. Courtesy of the artist. Filmed in the artist’s home studio during Covid-19 quarantine.

The following prompt (in bold) was input into OpenAI’s GPT-3 Beta Playground using the DaVinci model. The text in italics was the output for the prompt completed by GPT-3.

Instructions for a noise music performance using contact microphones:
The performer should have a partner who sits or lies on the other side of the room with the contact mikes. Each performer should wear a contact mike on each ear. The performers should then alternate hitting and slapping the partner repeatedly. As the performance progresses the contact mikes should be placed on different parts of the partner's body in order to create more advanced rhythmic and timbral textures.


Production Date: February 22, 2021. Performed by: Emmett Palaima


The sound produced in this performance might be perceived as aggressive and violent, but the collaboration between performers provides for a mutual respect and an understanding of the actions of the other performer. The performance is a direct physical experience that produces a continuum.

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