Open Call

Participate In Embodying the Algorithm

Embodying the Algorithm brings together performers from all over the world of diverse identities and practices. Together we investigate issues of agency, identity, creative expression and collaborative work at the intersection of artificial intelligence and performance art. If you are a performance artist who is interested in participating, please see the following instructions.

  1. Select from one of the instructions for a performance art piece. You can hit refresh on this page to receive a new set of instructions for a performance art piece generated by GPT-3. If you would like to collaborate around a specific theme to produce a new set of prompts, please get in touch using our contact form.
  2. Interpret these instructions in order to plan your performance. If you would like, you can combine multiple sets of instructions into one larger work. To make content easier to share on social networks, we ask the following of the recordings even if the instructions suggest the contrary: 1) no full frontal nudity. If a performance calls for nudity we suggest that the performer wear a nude-appearing item of clothing or bodysuit to imply nudity 2) no violence or gore 3) no sexually explicit content 4) no illegal acts. While we have no wish to limit performers in their expression, the aforementioned is often censored by the outlets we use and may result in the complete censoring of our accounts.
  3. Record your performance. Performances should feature one performer within their home studio recorded using a webcam. Time-lapse recordings of longer pieces are permitted but we request no extensive video editing so the emphasis is placed on the performance as it truly occurred.
  4. Create a 3 minute or less excerpt of the performance to be used for promotional purposes.
  5. Post your 3 minute or less excerpt with the hashtags #aiperformanceart #embodyingthealgorithm and tag aiperformancespace on Instagram.
  6. In your post, please write a bit about how it felt to interpret and then perform the instructions, how the process differs from your usual performance art practice, and anything you think is notable. We’d like to know what your experience was like.
  7. You can contact us via our contact form if you have any questions or if you’d like us to consider adding your performance to the website. We look forward to seeing your work!

Have Your Performance Project Featured On

In addition to the performances featured for our exhibits, the site hosts an ongoing open call for performers investigating the intersection of performance art and AI according to their own specifications and rules of engagement. If you have a work which you would like us to consider featuring in an upcoming virtual exhibition, please get in touch.