Performance Generator

This page will allow you to generate your own instructions for performance art pieces in the style of our current exhibit Embodying the Algorithm using GPT-3’s DaVinci model. Each time you refresh this page, a new performance that has been previously generated using GPT-3 will be displayed. If you would like to record and submit your own performance based on one of the generated texts, please see the instructions on our Submissions page.

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Instructions for a performance by GPT-3:

An idea for an endurance performance artwork:

Watching a video of an artist running on a treadmill until death, with someone sitting at a computer, ready to hit the space bar if the artist collapses.


The reason, I think, that endurance art works (performance art in general) is that it is an expression of a relationship between an artist and a viewer. It is a dialogue, a conversation. And it has to be a conversation because it is about an exchange between the artist and the viewer. If the artist talks to the viewer about it, then the viewer also talks to the artist, and this conversation can be meaningful. This is why endurance art is meaningful:

To make a piece of endurance art, you have to make a decision. You have to decide to do something. It is a decision to create something, to do something, and to do something for a long time. And this decision can be frustrated. It can be opposed. It can be thwarted. It can be killed. It can be taken over. And it can be changed.

So endurance art is about a decision. It is about a decision to create and to do and to do for a long enough time to make a piece of art. And this decision can be frustrated, opposed, thwarted, killed, taken over, and changed. This is the definition of a conversation.