Performance Generator

This page will allow you to generate your own instructions for performance art pieces in the style of our current exhibit Embodying the Algorithm using GPT-3’s DaVinci model. Each time you refresh this page, a new performance that has been previously generated using GPT-3 will be displayed. If you would like to record and submit your own performance based on one of the generated texts, please see the instructions on our Submissions page.

Refresh Page to Generate a New Performance

Instructions for a performance by GPT-3:

Instructions for a performance artwork: 1. Go to the nearest bookstore and ask for a children’s book. 2. Open the book and look at the first page. 3. Close the book and go to another bookstore and do the same thing. 4. Repeat with two other bookstores. 5. Go home. 6. Put the book on the shelf. 7. Try to forget.”