Mirabelle Jones: Beans

1 min. 46 sec. excerpt of 13 min. 55 sec. performance. Mirabelle Jones, Beans (2020), Performance for video. Digital. Color. Sound. Courtesy of the artist. Filmed in the artist’s home studio during Covid-19 quarantine.

The following prompt (in bold) was input into OpenAI’s GPT-3 Beta Playground using the Davinci model. The text in italics was the output for the prompt completed by GPT-3.

The performance starts with the artist

sitting with a pillow on the floor and

holding two tins of beans.

The performance will end when the artist


All the time the artist holds the tins of beans

and the pillow he will talk about

his life, his thoughts, his dreams, his

feelings, his hopes, his fears, his doubts,

his disappointments, his loves, his hates

and his fears.

The artist will be given a one-hour break

every three days.

In the break he will try to eat the beans.

The performance will go on till the artist


The artist will not be allowed to stop

or to go back to the beginning.

The performance will last as long as the artist



Production Date: December 11, 2021. Performed by: Mirabelle Jones

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